B. Braun & Lauer Confluence in dialysis

Lauer - a B. Braun company


Today the Lauer company is a wholly owned subsidiary of B. Braun. Both companies share a strong expertise in the hemodialysis field. Through years of close and careful cooperation and development, an innovative product portfolio has emerged that features a complete range of products and systems for renal care. Lauer water purification technology is among the most advanced currently available for dialysis applications, and B. Braun has been a leading provider for renal care products for more than 40 years.


Lauer Membran Wassertechnik GmbH was established by Hans Guenter Lauer. The new technology developed and patented by Lauer was accepted very fast and hence the company shortly turned out to be an innovative Global Player.

The first AQUAboss installation already includes complete stainless steel design and double stage technology as well as impulse back washing. Furthermore, the dead space free ring piping system was patented.

The very first stainless steel ring piping was installed, ahead of the times the foundation for AQUAboss’ hot steam sterilization was laid.

The first flow-through-heater for dialysis RO applications was used. Today this technology is widely known as AQUAboss Hot Rinse Smart.

The AQUAvision process visualization was installed. AQUAvision helps to provide cost-effective maintenance as well as an improved and paperless process for the user.

The next AQUAboss "C-device" generation as well as the heat disinfection for RO devices were introduced to the market.

The first system for ring main sterilization was installed. With the AQUAclav steam sterilization service for stainless steel distribution systems, water purification systems comply with pharmaceutical industry standards.

B. Braun and Lauer started a cooperation allowing B. Braun to distribute selected products globally.

Since 2014 B. Braun is the exclusive global sales representative of the entire AQUAsystem product portfolio.

B. Braun acquired the Lauer company offering its customers shorter reaction times and an established service and support network represented all in one contact partner.

The new basic single staged AQUAbase system was launched. It offers the essentials of dialysis water purification without compromising on quality or reliability.

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