In a perfect flow

Lauer water purification systems follow a unique design philosophy. To ensure high permeate quality, continuous flow in the entire water treatment system is absolutely crucial. The AQUAstream design concept avoids stagnant permeate (dead spaces) and prevents microbiological contamination where it originates. This is the foundation for reliable day-to-day operation, ensuring high quality outcomes while reducing the need for time-consuming cleaning and disinfection. The thermal based disinfection system eliminates the need for chemical additives, making it safe for patients and easy on the environment.

Together with its highly economical reverse osmosis technology that conserves both water and electricity, the AQUAsystem reduces operative costs substantially over the complete system lifetime. As full system provider for hemodialysis applications, B. Braun Avitum brings together the technologies and know-how needed to provide uncompromising and individualized products and services to customers around the world.